Friday, February 29, 2008


Not true that satire’s misanthropical!
But all men live within their time
And so, of course, it must be topical
And taken with a spit of rhyme.
Who claims a satire’s for the ages
Belongs in one of Bedlam’s cages;
Who claim that men have no frontier
But are the same from yesteryear
Must worship at the criticism
They say devolved from Sigmund Freud
That claims our future’s null and void.
All satire with its witticism
Hopes that its butts will bid good-byes
To running off counterclockwise.


So William Buckley’s been sent lugging
His baggage off the train. He’s dead.
And now he’s with the devil plugging
His best book, “Better Dead Than Red.”
Of course the devil will be civil,
Though all that Buckley wrote was drivel,
Since any who would fall from grace
To hell as final resting place
Deserve a moment of reflection
To meditate upon their sins
Before their final fall begins.
Bill will, no doubt, make his objections-
“Conservatives who have raised hell
Should not be dropped…” but down he fell.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


I’ve listened to procrastinations
From pols who want to end a war;
But can’t before they’ve laid foundations
For friendly folks to mind the store;
Until the “natives” know that voting
Is done with ballots not exploding
Rounds clipping people in their guts
And leaving them with nothing butts.
Imagine England interfering
With Yankee voters. Oops. They tried.
We fought like terrorists. They died.
So when they’re done electioneering
Whoever wins-Barack McCain-
We voted for more human stain.


Hey! What about Obama pledging
That on his watch no soldier dies?
Straight up says it. No fucking hedging.
That way we’d catch him, if he lies.
He’s too much of a politician
To give us, though, that ammunition.
Imagine though if we could test
The truth of what a pol professed.
Why not begin with this election?
Just ask them straight up: yes or no-
Will they keep soldiers on death row?
If they claim it’s for our protection,
We ask them how the Towers fell;
And vote them to a padded cell.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Should I be one to cast aspersions-
Imagining a hangman’s noose
For Bush and Cheney’s mass perversions
Before their terms end? What’s the use?
The System’s always mass producing
The politicians whose unloosing
Make promises of great beyonds,
As if by waving magic wands.
But if I don’t keep criticizing,
Whether in prose or doggerel verse,
Won’t I have helped them make it worse?
Elections are the legalizing
Of facts that show it’s hit and run
But too late to call 911.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


The evidence, I find, is indisputable:
The presidential candidates are whores!
The money that they take is prosecutable
For once in their possession, on all fours,
What passed for oratorical productions
Can’t now be vocalized because obstructions
Are so far down their throats that they can’t speak
Except some forms of Socrates’ Greek.
If this were but a matter of proclivities,
I wouldn’t give a damn about the sex
Or even listening to the sound effects;
But they should represent the collectivity’s
Desires, not business only. Their conduct
Means that it’s all of us will soon be fucked.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Do any think our national security
Is better under Cheney or George Bush?
Do Christians think our national “impurity,”
From this administration, got a “shoosh?”
Impossible on both counts since corruption
Is in the fullest bloom of its eruption;
Yet both will go campaigning for McCain
Who’ll add new blemish to the human stain.
It’s not that I think Dems are any better.
A plague on both their houses, so say I.
But who, you’ll ask, will hear vox populi?
And that is just the point. The best vote-getter
Will never hear our cries since it’s the crux
Of politics: It’s won by megabucks.

Friday, February 8, 2008


Who thinks that Hillary will stop the warring
That Bush and Cheney started in Iraq,
Must think that Clinton’s Willie will stop whoring
When that’s what charges his atomic cock.
Who thinks it will be by Barack Obama
Is probably just channeling his mama.
Though Edwards is, of course, against the war,
It’s still the vote he cast we’re paying for.
I say that we should boycott this election
For all the Democrats are surely true
To waving Death’s Head flags red, white, and blue;
And will be till the global Resurrection-
Which, I think, might be soon, to say the least,
Since US Empire’s Mark (is) of the Beast.


Who cares that Christian churches may be losing
Their African crusade to infidels;
For, after all, for years they’ve been abusing
These Africans, so should be locked in cells?
Who cares if orthodox or Pentecostals
Decry the infidels as godless hostiles?
How many priests have hung their Catholics
Upon the cross of sucking on their pricks?
I say we send them all down the Zambezi;
Or else to hell, where Dante’s Satan waits;
Or, better, back to these United States.
If these, my maledictions, make you queasy,
Remember it’s the god of Abraham
Taught Christians how to play the Son of Sam.