Thursday, April 26, 2012


“Unlike for civilian U.S. government employees, soliciting prostitutes is a criminal offense for U.S. military personnel even in countries where prostitution is otherwise legal.” Huffington Post 4/26/2012

It’s good to know that prostitution,
No matter legalized or not,
Will denigrate the Constitution
Whereas a war won’t leave a blot
Upon the US military
So long as authorized by Barry
To give the grunts this role to play.
And Congress has nothing to say.              
Although it’s not a degradation
To kill a man in any war,
It’s treasonous to buy a whore.
What makes for so much aggravation
Is that when soldiers point and shoot
Is that there dicks don’t follow suit.


“I don’t think God used evolution
When He first made the universe;
I have this on the attribution
From Sunday school and Bible verse.
That’s how I know what God was thinking.”
“It’s possible you’re just lipsyncing
What when a kid they said was true
And laced it with some barbeque?”
“When I absorbed creationism,
It’s true I was a little lad
But had the brains I’ve always had.
It’s why I know gradationism
For complex life forms such as man
Cannot be made without a plan.” 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


If economics is enshrouding
Obama’s shot for Prez again,
He should have listened to our shouting
And not decided to take ten;
And given up on our egality,
As if it were a triviality,
We, after all, were his best base
To win the presidential race.
But what he did was almost comical:
By bailing out the Wall Street banks
He saved their asses, lost their thanks.
Now Romney’s set to go atomical.
And bury Barry in a shroud
Might be a one-term mushroom cloud.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Who claims that Lenin’s conjugation
On revolution’s plainly wrong
Should study him with contemplation
And get their head out of their bong.
There hasn’t been a steely teacher
Of revolution since this preacher:
A man who changed the whole damned world
And opened up the red flag furled.
A product of his time and placing
Some things went wrong and some went right
And capital is still our plight.
Who’d advocate we go erasing
His heritage will surely lose
The time he spent. He paid our dues.


Obama needs another coating
Of politics to show good will
To his supporters, fast corroding,
Of evidence he’s not a shill.
He should address the nation’s teachers
If he wants them out of the bleachers
Where Duncan’s placed them on the side
By taking all their teachers’ pride.
Reducing teaching to the testing
Of students to multiple choice;
Not giving teachers any voice,
The experts in the teaching craft,
Who don’t deserve a Duncan’s shaft.