Thursday, June 26, 2008


Conclude the ban on offshore drilling,
Bush argued, and the price of oil
Will drop. But Democrats weren’t willing.
Bush said that they would rather spoil
Our summer driving on vacations.
But what about the amputations
Of jobs that made the working class
Safe from the rising price of gas?
The Democrats claim it’s revealing
That Bush chose an election year-
No doubt to help McCain’s career-
To argue for the ban’s repealing.
While they debate which way to go,
We’ll still be living on skid row.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Most doctors work with dedication-
Except relieving end-life pain.
Why won’t they give me medication
To end it all. “No pain, no gain,”
Is fine for coaches; but a doctor
Should never play the role of proctor
To stop me cheating on my life
And ending all the tiresome strife.
The pain sometimes is so deranging,
It causes me such mental stress,
That I admit that I possess,
Or feel, a Jekyll/Hyde exchanging
Down deep within me. Deep inside.
And when it does, you’d better hide.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Barack Obama “loves free markets.”
But pledging not to shop Wal-Mart,
Why suddenly does he embark its
Spokesperson, Furman, Bonaparte
Of economical advisors?
Is it because he’s grown incisors
To better tear us limb from limb
After, in faith, we vote for him?
I get free markets for conservatives;
And Wal-Mart for the union vote-
It’s Nixon’s ploy: Pat’s “good cloth coat”-
But what about how he’ll preserve what gives
When we retire for four more years
And Wal-Mart’s “hiring” volunteers?


Does anybody think it’s logical
That both Obama and McCain
Are absolutely pathological
In their desire to entertain
The likes of Milton Friedman’s doddering
About free markets or the slaughtering
Of people fighting in Iraq
Until we’ve fought them to deadlock?
We’re sitting on a Krakatoa-
(Obama gives us miles of smiles;
None from McCain since he’s got piles)-
Will blow us all to protozoa.
They’ll take us to the null and void
And then we’ll all be unemployed.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Should children of who are illegal
But born in these United States
Be sanctioned or be extralegal
And so abandoned to their fates?
Or should they be, with due solemnity,
Granted a citizen’s indemnity
From deportation to a home
They never knew so couldn’t roam
Away from just to cross a border
From Mexico or anywhere
Their parents didn’t have a prayer
Of living with some law and order-
Where they could start new family trees
And live with us for shopping sprees?

Thursday, June 12, 2008


McCain, Obama are freebasing
Their partisan solutions to
The economic woes we're facing-
Which goes to show there’s nothing new
With either candidates arranging
A system based on “free” exchanging
Of goods and servicing the debt
That falling wages helped beget.
So all of you high on Obama
Before you throw away your vote
Based on a promissory note,
Say how he'll end financial trauma?
Will, Clinton-like, the Man from Hope
Prove, finally, a rope-a-dope?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Ann Coulter can’t be castigated
By neocons since she’s their soul.
In fact she must be celebrated
And her remarks played down as droll.
But will she call McCain a faggot
Or some such thing would gag a maggot;
Or will she play the smarty-pants
And try Obama with her rants?
She hates McCain who out-competed
The likes of any she’d endorse.
But she can’t make him her main course
At least until he’s been defeated.
Of course he might not be since Ann’s
A neocon with Ku Klux fans.


Why is it that church Christianity
Has cast a pall on having sex;
For surely all know it’s insanity
To label it a triple X?
But churches think a boner’s treason
Is set against our godly reason;
And preach that semen passes sin
From Eve and Adam through their kin.
If only Jesus had been married
(Although for all we know he did,
For, born a man, he had an id),
Religion wouldn’t have miscarried-
Now Christian sex has been reborn
And lives successfully as porn.

Friday, June 6, 2008


The members of the John Wayne Nation
Aren’t limited to just the Right;
They’re all who’d trump a declaration
Of war but always ducked the fight.
This now includes both Bush and Cheney,
Obama, Clinton, and McCain. He-
(It’s wonderful how rhymes can out
The very essence of a lout.)
But what about McCain? War hero?
He never set boots on the ground
Until the jet he flew was downed-
The odds against that... almost zero.
I don’t know which should matter more-
We’re all their prisoners of war.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


“ THE DUKE” was everybody’s idol.
Although he chickened-out of war,
He never stopped in his recital
Of values we were fighting for.
Who, to protect his home and hearth, he,
‘Gainst Commies, sided with McCarthy;
And argued using atom bombs
Against the Ruskies and Chicoms.
While other stars manned-up, enlisted,
The Duke ducked out on World War II
But “took the beach” at Malibu.
And yet his legend has persisted-
He’s still a hero to the Right
Who monger war but never fight.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Republicans are all God-fearing,
While Democrats think Jesus died;
Republicans are pioneering,
While Democrats are sissified;
Republicans are out directing,
While Democrats stand by reflecting;
Republicans are all Marines,
While Democrats are closet queens.
Despite these many castigations,
Republicans and Democrats
Go hand in glove with plutocrats
Who run the major corporations;
And would elect someone brand new
So long as we get déjà vu.