Thursday, July 19, 2007


When doctors stop a man from dying
Or bring him back when he’s passed dead,
A preacher finds this mystifying
For given all that s/he has read
This is the province of Lord Jesus
According to the exegesis
Of testaments s/he feels are blessed.
But Jesus never cracked a chest,
Massaged a heart that started beating
Again though it’s reluctant to,
And brought us back when we’re passed due.
Perhaps we need another reading
Of Jesus as a man not god
Whose ethics we can all applaud.

Imagine if a Christian preacher
When preaching to her multitudes
Said in our lives we each should feature
What Jesus called beatitudes.
Not so we can achieve salvation
But just to make a better nation;
And all the earth a place to dwell
Instead of one drab prison cell.
To all of those who are not willing
To let us live the Golden Rule,
Who profit from the world cesspool-
Like Cheney with his oil drilling-
We’ll stand opposed to these outlaws
Until they join our common cause.

( to be continued )

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Anti-gag said...

Yes OK, but why does this need to be done now?

let's leave it till next year.

Chris Hill

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