Friday, November 9, 2007


Some lawyers who were Pakistanis,
Opposing General Musharraf,
Crash landed on their legal fannies
And ended up in jail. A gaffe,
As any lawyer knew, permitting
At very least a hostile kidding;
At worst, the work of Murphy’s Law.
These lawyers though, quick on the draw,
Won overwhelming adulation
Of every single inmate there
By proving they were on the square
For showing that their congregation
Was being held there by a court
That lacked the country’s moral support.
This gave the convicts hope for pleading
Their sentences out for time served.
But when the lawyers held a meeting
They seemed upset and quite reserved-
For with no working constitution,
What constituted restitution
Was quite beyond them. What to do?
They didn’t have the faintest clue.
The prisoners meanwhile by consensus
Decided on a mass escape;
And to this end a plan took shape-
“We’ll push the lawyers first to fence us;
And if the guards don’t shoot them dead
We’ll know to trust in what they’ve said.”
The lawyers found this plan upsetting
And pleaded with them not to try.
Some even lapsed back to bedwetting
And none had wished to play bull’s-eye.
The day came dawning bright and cheery;
But when time came to test the theory,
The lawyers locked themselves inside
And prayed to Allah for who died.
But when at last they heard no shooting,
The prisoners were free they knew
And so had proved their theory true.
But stepping out they heard the hooting-
The convicts did control the yards
As Musharraf’s new prison guards.

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