Friday, January 25, 2008


If Democratic voters rallied
For principles not candidates,
Then all the pols would have been Ali’d
Or pounded punchy. No debates
Will ever bother to uncover
Why we patrol the earth. We love her?
Now there’s a laugh. And here’s one more-
What happened to make love not war?
It’s been around awhile. That issue
Defined a generation that’s
Been vilified as democrats.
Now all that’s left is dead scar tissue
Reminding us of why we fought-
To free the universal “ought.”
As in a principle generic
Consistent with our human rights;
Eliminating acts barbaric
Promoting only human blights.
Take, for example, exploitation-
Eliminating its causation
So that the workers’ status quos
Go far beyond the CIO’s
Of adding pennies to make dollars;
But taking business in their hands
Force capital to make last stands;
And celebrate with hoots and hollers
As workers think what they will do
When value makes its new debut.
If you think this but Marxist folly,
Consider that it’s not been tried.
Marx would have said we’re off our trolley
If we thought he had rectified
All problems posed by social justice.
The old man surely would have cussed us
If we claimed exploitation’s root
Was, gardenlike, forbidden fruit-
When really it’s one cause of many.
While certainly a cause of pain,
Life’s problems are a daisy chain.
As others argue, nota bene,
If we seek justice once for all,
Then look to Plato or St. Paul.
( to be continued )

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