Sunday, March 18, 2012


Repubs and Dems think porno’s evil
But hesitate at stopping wars.
It seems we need a full upheaval:
Let’s ditch the soldiers, up with whores.
Whoever says that prostitution
Defies the US Constitution
Has smoked too much of locoweed
So misinterpret what they read.
The President’s authorization
Is not enough to start a fight.
The Founders gave the Congress might
Without the least equivocation
To authorize a fighting force
To deal with battles’ intercourse.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Gay rights with marriage expectations
Have now beset the DNC
And added to exacerbations
Obama has as nominee.
Marriage, a civil institution,
Is treated worse than prostitution:
It either is a civil right
Or else it is a civil blight.
Dilemmas of this kind are moral
Republicans and Democrats
Will pound it out with baseball bats.
Obama doesn’t want a quarrel
Because he knows he’s in a bind
From donors with an open mind.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Obama said he was in favor
Of sanctions to be used against
Iran and thought no man could savor,
No matter how they were incensed,
That neighbors had atomic reapers
Well-hidden from UN peacekeepers.
(Remember WMDs
Bush pushed on our prime time TVs?).
And just because Obama said it
Certainly doesn’t make it true.
(You want to lie, do it beaucoup.)
It’s Zionists who’d like to shred it
And make us think it’s holy war
When what we do is play their whore.

Monday, March 5, 2012


All our diseased hallucinations,
Republicans and Democrats,
That either brings in alternations
Are paid for by aristocrats.
For s/he who buys a politician
Pays only for this one ambition:
That neither side will ever range
Beyond the bounds they’ve set for change.
Hence President Barack Obama
Is servant to the very rich
And helps them scratch their every itch.
And so this economic trauma
Has left the rich far from decline
Because it’s money made his spine.