Wednesday, March 21, 2007


A THEOCON when s/he's elected
To any office in the land
Believes that s/he has been selected
By GOD to finally take a stand
Against the gays who want to marry;
And so display that they're contrary
To manmade laws and laws of God;
And so promote what was outlawed.
Or was it? Did the Constitution
Mean you can marry whom you chose
No matter what's said on talk shows?
S/he finally comes to a solution
But gives it up (though not as such)
For gassing them seems, now, too much.


For now , at least, s/he waits and wonders
How s/he might cripple gay advance.
(Mean)while s/he prays that her God thunders
From out of Heaven that " Romance
Between two lesbos or two faggots
Is naught but filth would gag My maggots."
Though hearing God would be a coup
That honor is for W,
For Bush hears God as did the prophets.
Too, Cheney hears what God has voiced
So long as it can be invoiced;
And is conducive to his PROFITS.
Perhaps her betters might suggest
How best to make gays disinvest.

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