Monday, February 1, 2010


“These pointy-headed politicians
Want us to vote for their reforms-
All part and parcel of ambitions
Against God-fearing peoples’ norms.
Their thinking has grown so distorted
It’s too bad that they weren’t aborted.
I know that is a mortal sin
But’s better than their swearing-in.
And so I’ve joined the Tea Bag Nation.
I’ll vote for Sarah Palin who’s
Right-minded as Murdoch’s Fox News;
She’ll keep my taxes on location
Right here at home: keep out the fags
From marriage or wearing dogtags.”


Lizard Boy said...

this is far to sad to even be funny

the hypocrisy alone in that one paragraph is staggering and sincerely makes me hope there is a god so that you will be judged

you have a tiny brain to match your tiny world view

Anonymous said...

You sickening retard. Your disgusting "poems" show a broken mind drowning in shit. Kill yourself you sad fuck.