Tuesday, June 7, 2011


If “faith” and “freedom” twined in coalition,
They’d put an end forever to our rights.
Elected, they’d convene an Inquisition,
And other such medieval delights,
To guarantee we won’t go to perdition
And would be led by Bachmann and her knights.
Now I’ll not vote for President Obama
But neither will I vote for Christian Mama.
For Christian Mama would be as beholden
To bankers’ moneyed interests as Obama.
Because they have the gold to make you golden,
No matter if your life’s a psychodrama.
In fact they give so much it will embolden
Your promising an Eden’s futurama,
As did Obama once upon a time
Before becoming partners in their crime.
Where money rules there is no real democracy,
No matter what the politicians claim.
When you’re supported by business plutocracy,
The way to rise, becoming a brand name,
As Bachmann did for neocon theocracy,
Is utterly to show you have no shame:
In movies and TV, it’s product placement;
In politics, it’s just plain old debasement.

POAS 512 

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