Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I went down to the Occupation
To take my fair share of abuse
And help us out from our prostration
To politicians and their ruse
Of better living through our voting.
(And all the while, of course, they’re gloating.
They know our votes are now worth less
But sometimes help, relieving stress.)
I took their clubs, endured their beating;
But slowly they forced our retreat
But mostly cause we had to eat.
One thing’s for certain: no more pleading.
And when at night I hit the sack
I know that soon we will be back!
If this seems like a contradiction,
Believe me when I say it’s true.
You might give way to interdiction
When leadership’s been knocked askew;
But slowly we will reassemble
And thinking how to make them tremble,
We’ll finally beat back their deceit,
The stock and trade that is Wall Street.
The point is we set people thinking
On how America is run,
And forced the Street to 911.
So fewer now will be lipsyncing
What Wall Street’s pols say. We’re content:
We are the 99%.

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