Tuesday, February 27, 2007


"Ms. Coulter, you have stated clearly
If we approve you for the bench,
You'll deal with deviants severly
And cleanse our country of their stench.
Could you give us some small example
On whom you think the law might trample
So that our country might recess
The liberals and their excess?"
"Surely, Senator. We're commanded
And authorized by any means
To pull out from thr closet, queens;
And once exposed, their privates branded,
Parading them to take the cure
In public by divestiture...


"I'd also hip who are oblivious
To what the media does to kids
Because it's owned by foul lascivious
JEWS, baby-sacrificing YIDS;
Who've substituted their own shedding
Of baby's blood by gang blood-letting,
By teaching how one kills and maims
By simply playing Xbox games.
Then, waiting for a drive-by shooting
In which an infant child is shot,
Their ambulance is on the spot
And whisks it fast away, imputing-
After they drink the baby dry-
It's death to gangsters getting high...


"I'd argue that our God has chosen
As His own people only WHITE
As He once chose the lederhosen
In Germany to fight His fights.
Not only blacks and browns but Asians
(No matter how good at equations)
From slant-eyed CHINKS to NIPS and SLOPES
They all are gangster selling dopes.
They have a social insecurity
Which is the color of their skin,
For not-white's how GOD colored sin.
Therefore, by guarding racial purity,
It guarantees with GOD WHITES talk
While OTHERS go to Hell's perp walk...


"I would approve of race profiling
As it is practiced by police.
For just as God knows sinners' styling
So officers who'd keep the peace
And only have a New York minute
To think if deadly force will win it
And shoot a black man in the back,
Just so they're certain he was black,
Can't be charged with lacking discretion:
For even if he's just a child,
It's certain that he's growing wild;
And that he would do some transgression.
It's better then quick on the draw
Than too late to lay down the law...


"And then, of course, there's WHITES' frustrations
When nonwhites are preferred for jobs;
Especially blacks with amputations
That's left them limbless thingamabobs;
Combine this with some as retarded
And who in wheelchairs are safeuarded;
Are deaf; have had a heart bypass,
And needs someone to wipe her ass.
So long as they're in a minority,
When added to a name like Schwartz,
Not hiring them makes WHITES bad sports.
So ruled the Supreme Court majority.
Though THANK GOD for their little push
That gave us President George Bush."

( to be continued)

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