Friday, March 26, 2010


Why should I post while on vacation?
The answer’s evil never sleeps
Or takes a break. So education,
The kind that really plays for keeps
Whose job it is to make men moral,
Must beat back evil when they quarrel;
Then, branding it as contraband,
Must hurl it down to No Man’s Land.
There evil finds its proper dwelling:
A Pandemonium of souls
Whose heads are stuck on ends of poles
Where they can practice at their yelling
Of epithets on which they feast
Until at last marked by the BEAST.
And foremost is the TEA BAG NATION
Who, middle aged (all lily whites),
Began by yelling that taxation
Is converse to their civil rights
Under the U.S. Constitution;
And so propose as their solution
To put an end to this distress
By bringing down the IRS.
And so dissolve the federal union
A freak so hated by their God
They’re certain He’d want it outlawed;
And so restore the first communion
Of states where every man could own
His wife, his slaves, what he’s homegrown.
They, in discussion, can’t be civil,
Ill-educated as they are;
Who think debate is mostly drivel
Except what’s hottest in NASCAR.
And like those cars with their propulsion,
They’re driven hard by their compulsion
To be a winner, win the prize
That seems to go to other guys.
Unlike the cars at Talladega-
Which used to be straight stock V-8
But are no more (they’re out – of –date)-
They’re not the alpha and omega
Of anything. They’re total wrecks
So idolize the Palins, Becks.
And what these trump is coded whiteness
Which leads their bagger retinues
To give up any false politeness
And spit on “nigger faggot Jews.”
Thus savaging the First Amendment
By sending it around the bend. Meant,
By theoconic neocons,
To resurrect these woebegones.
And speaking of a resurrection:
What of the Sermon on the Mount
Which calls a Christian no-account
Who hasn’t sense to see complexion
As Jesus did, a brown skinned Jew,
Who taught the world of love’s true hue?


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