Sunday, March 28, 2010


For those of liberal persuasion,
A homeless man and woman are
A symbol of our affirmation
Of letting people live sub par.
Are their lawns watered by a bladder
Or fertilized with fecal matter;
Do they live downwind of a smell
Can paint the home in which they dwell;
Do they wake hearing spastic farting
A homeless man makes as he shits;
Or screaming alcoholic fits;
Or stinking trash left on departing-
Beer cans and bottles, dying pards?
You’re dead you go near their backyards.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Why should I post while on vacation?
The answer’s evil never sleeps
Or takes a break. So education,
The kind that really plays for keeps
Whose job it is to make men moral,
Must beat back evil when they quarrel;
Then, branding it as contraband,
Must hurl it down to No Man’s Land.
There evil finds its proper dwelling:
A Pandemonium of souls
Whose heads are stuck on ends of poles
Where they can practice at their yelling
Of epithets on which they feast
Until at last marked by the BEAST.
And foremost is the TEA BAG NATION
Who, middle aged (all lily whites),
Began by yelling that taxation
Is converse to their civil rights
Under the U.S. Constitution;
And so propose as their solution
To put an end to this distress
By bringing down the IRS.
And so dissolve the federal union
A freak so hated by their God
They’re certain He’d want it outlawed;
And so restore the first communion
Of states where every man could own
His wife, his slaves, what he’s homegrown.
They, in discussion, can’t be civil,
Ill-educated as they are;
Who think debate is mostly drivel
Except what’s hottest in NASCAR.
And like those cars with their propulsion,
They’re driven hard by their compulsion
To be a winner, win the prize
That seems to go to other guys.
Unlike the cars at Talladega-
Which used to be straight stock V-8
But are no more (they’re out – of –date)-
They’re not the alpha and omega
Of anything. They’re total wrecks
So idolize the Palins, Becks.
And what these trump is coded whiteness
Which leads their bagger retinues
To give up any false politeness
And spit on “nigger faggot Jews.”
Thus savaging the First Amendment
By sending it around the bend. Meant,
By theoconic neocons,
To resurrect these woebegones.
And speaking of a resurrection:
What of the Sermon on the Mount
Which calls a Christian no-account
Who hasn’t sense to see complexion
As Jesus did, a brown skinned Jew,
Who taught the world of love’s true hue?


Thursday, March 25, 2010


If only I could hurl invective
As easily as Palin can.
She's certainly way more effective
Than any in the Ku Klux Klan.
Then I could make my commentaries
RSVPs to mortuaries
Where I could bury whom I want;
Upholding others I would vaunt.
If only I could paint a target
On whom advisors tell me to
As Sarah does on Black and Jew,
Then I’d have mastered all the argot
Tea Baggers use. Then help them mate
With others who are retardate.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


You wonder why I would bedevil
Our politics and scourge with rhyme
Politicos from highest level
To those still clawing up from slime?
The pols, protecting bankers’ winnings,
Now claim banks need our underpinnings:
“Too big to fail.” So they propose
To make my kids pay through the nose.
As well, they have us intermixing
And trying to play catch-as-catch-can
With rebels in Afghanistan-
The Taliban who are deep-sixing
Our soldiers who would never go,
Knowing they’re playing tic tac toe.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


“We ought to pray ‘God, kill the president’
Because the Bible tells us to.
An African illegal resident
Can’t fathom our red, white, and blue.
America’s a Christian nation
Devoted to the soul’s salvation
So pray to God till your last breath
He puts the president to death.
Obama is a downright traitor.
In fact he is the Antichrist
Who’s pulled off history’s greatest heist:
He stole the cape of our Creator:
He’ll save the world. So let’s to work
And rid the earth of this berserk.”

Monday, March 22, 2010


The Texas Board of Education
Has hardened history standards that
Will help define us as a nation,
From Christian Fathers first begat.
And so has made the Constitution
Scaffold for the FINAL SOLUTION
Of all who hold that church and state
Does not uphold that “God Is Great;”
Or aren’t the progeny of Adam
Whom God kicked out of Paradise
For listening to his wife’s advice
When what she said He had forbade’em
Thus making U.S. public school
The equal of Islam’s Kabul.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


America’s an idiocracy
Where truth’s in pawn to what you think;
Wherein the essence of democracy
Is summed up in “My shit don’t stink;”
Where homage to Creation Science
Throws down the gauntlet of defiance
By building an amusement park
For reveling in Noah’s ark.
Where else on earth is it conceivable-
Except perhaps the Middle East
Where truth is actually policed-
The Bible isn’t make-believable;
That there’s a God Who’s well thought of
Shows grace in holocausts of love?

Monday, March 15, 2010


So now we have another Cheney
Whose patriotic fervor is
As loopy as her father’s strain. He
Who put us in a deadly tizz
Now Liz has learned from his instruction-
Say what you want. If you dig in,
You won’t land in the loony bin.
As long as you stand firm, unflinching,
And take your hits until Fox News-
Whose job is cock-a-doodle-doos
In favor of a legal lynching
Can take your side- your devotees
Will claw up from McCarty’s sleaze.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


The real “wing nuts” are pols like Bunning
Who use their power in the state
To dupe the crazies out there gunning
To fortify their towers of hate.
If Bunning’s not completely clinical,
His pandering is downright cynical
As evidenced by Tom De Lay
Who was the lobbyists’ mainstay.
In Bunning’s stand on unemployment,
He argues benefits don’t work
Except to help the shirkers shirk.
So his solution is deployment
To death traps like Afghanistan
Where they’ll be shot up to a man.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


What is it with these politicians
Just packing up and moving on,
Not wanting to face inquisitions?
This wouldn’t happen in Iran.
Iran’s pols answer to objections
Of voting fraud in their elections
Is sending zealots to the streets
Where they deliver “meet and greets.”
If we had had more years with Cheney
We wouldn’t be in such a mess
Where anything can cause distress.
The man could really feel our pain. He,
As in Iran, would take control
And run the liberals up a pole.


I pledge to keep the CONSTITUTION
In my back pocket with my gun;
They're needful for the revolution
As much as any native son.
I pledge, as did our Founding Fathers,
To keep us free of likely bothers:
Like feminists and sons of slaves,
The liberals and redskin braves.
And all who’d smear us for flag waving,
And burn as rag what we salute;
Won’t show the Wets toe end of boot.
We won’t have any misbehaving
Which means away with Bill of Rights
The product of misguided whites.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Republicans are set on winning
Elections any way they can;
And so they’ve set out disciplining
Their candidates. Thus no PAC-man
Must ever make a contribution
To those who favor evolution,
Or would preserve the Bill of Rights,
Or are pro-gay in their sound bites;
Or any not against abortions,
Or who’d promote our public schools
Where deficit reduction rules.
Why put themselves through these contortions?
I said it first. They want to win-
As they once did when banning gin.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Political participation
Might best be served if politics
Would abdicate the allegation
The other side is “cunts” and “pricks.”
I do not mean uphold civility
Or denigrate infallibility-
For pols must play at Genghis Khan
While they’re confused if pro is con.
What’s awful is two pole positions-
Republicans and Democrats.
Why not beget some more begats
To represent the suppositions
Of voters all? Democratize
What Publicrats monopolize.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Obama’s equal opportunity
Is letting Wall St. bankers bet
Our money with complete impunity
By giving them a safety net
To save their troubled corporations
(Which bundle checks of large donations)
Which he claims are too big to fail
So we must help them to prevail.
Thus liberals with this mendacity
Have sunk us deeper in their mire
Where one day we will open fire-
Be nemesis to their rapacity.
No wonder they shout their alarms
About us owning firearms.