Monday, April 11, 2011


Americans take porn too seriously
So they debate it all the time.
Opinions vary so deliriously:
While Christians say it’s awful slime;
The others say that that’s a libel
Considering it’s in the Bible.
Did you forget the daughters Lot
Who got him drunk and fucked the sot?
He’d offered up these self-same daughters
To keep the mob out of his house.
Why not his headstrong, salty spouse 
To deal with men he thought were rotters?
The Bible is a moral guide
So why should pornos be decried?


Anonymous said...

Christians uphold a marriage as sanctity.
While the atheists rely upon the science,
That porn addiction is the inner pity,
Of helpless narcissists, control freak clients,
Who think Zeus’ Muse are but objects pretty.
Oremus! Must teach our daughters not to be
Prey of weak gents who trade porn for love, you see!

Bob Tanner said...

SAY WHAT? Please use prose, if you cannot write in verse.