Wednesday, March 2, 2011


“At Will” is why I joined the union.
It means that they can fire me
For anything.  There’s no communion
Between employer/employee.
When businesses finally contracted,
My boss decided he’d transacted
His final contract.  I’ve been fired
And in my place another’s hired.
S/he always works for lower wages
Without protections from the boss,
Health care supplied by the Red Cross.
But we won’t suffer these outrages
For very long.  We’ll end their blight
When “Workers of the World, Unite.”
America needs revolution
Where workers of all kinds control
Appropriation, distribution
Before we’re so far in the hole
We’re buried in their degradation,
Beyond all hope of consolation.
Long live the union.  Now it’s dead.
Therefore, it’s time that we go RED.
The workers of the world are rising.
Like Arabs, we won’t be abased.
We’ll see the Walkers are erased.
And then we can start civilizing
Ourselves, our children, and our land
Where workers of the world command.

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