Thursday, March 17, 2011


“My name is Phyllis Janet Gagger,
A woman of the middle class.
I’m mocked with names like ‘bitch’ and ‘bagger’
But I’m not one to let things pass
When nominating politicians
And making sure that their positions
Are as conservative as mine
Not floating somewhere on cloud nine.
Do they believe that blacks and workers
Would swallow down the budget whole,
By giving each a mink fur stole?
And union bosses, those berserkers…
Why Mr. Walker’s surely wise:
It’s not a time for compromise.
“Do they believe in God’s creation?
The Constitution says it’s so:
That He created our great nation;
The rest go to Guantanamo.
He welcomes all, as His churchgoers.
Mosques He consigns to His flamethrowers.
Do they believe God calls the shots?
Calls us to torture tiny tots
Of Afghans or the Pakistanis?
Do they believe that Jesus Rex
Would honor who have oral sex
Or take it up their filthy fannies?
All this they have to answer for
To gain Tea Partiers’ rapport.”

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