Wednesday, May 9, 2007


The Bush Administration's clueless-
Which shouldn't come as shocking news-
To send the Muslims one who knew less
About them than did Karen Hughes.
"A working mom," she told reporters
Who'd gotten her strict marching orders
From Cheney's Bush to help unveil
America, the fairy tale.
"It's written in the Constitution:
'We are one nation under God.'
All others are a sorry fraud.
That we should suffer persecution
For our beliefs is our despair
Since we believe in laissez-faire."

"We're here," she claimed, "to make you happy;
And show how wonderful we are.
If you believe your life is crappy,
You'll change by wishing on a star-
The Star of Bethlehem, Lord Jesus
Who came from Heaven just to please us.
For this, we call sweet Jesus, Lord;
And have thrown others overboard.
You know while Jesus is abiding
So deep within our Christian hearts
We can't be beat in martial arts.
Believe me, it is so exciting.
So come on down and take a chance
To show your god who wears the pants."

( to be continued )

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