Tuesday, May 29, 2007


The scheming Moktada al-Sadr
While laying low in new Iran
Was taught how best to turn jerkwater
Islamisists, who fight for clan,
Into a force for nationality-
"You must provide the hospitality
To welcome co-religionists
By purging them from your shit lists.
If not, you'll go the way of goonies.
But when the infidels are out,
Our God will give your mullahs clout
To deal with Christians, Jews, and Sunnis.
For then, like sacrificial goats,
Allah will let you cut their throats.

"We must establish co-prosperity
That stretches throughout Muslim lands;
And so must deal with great severity-
And this we know Allah commands-
With all who think we've counterfeited
What Allah claims must be admitted:
There is, He says, no God but God.
All others get the firing squad.
So go back home and rouse your forces.
Prepare jihad to engineer
The co-prosperity of fear."
Moktada said, Now hold your horses.
Who leads us, brother?" "God Whose palm
Has kindly handed us the bomb."

Moktada said, "What are you saying?
It sounds in very truth a threat."
"You donkey's penis, quit your braying.
You are 'in very truth' our pet.
So go back, make your fiery speeches.
Make certain that each one impeaches
Americans as devil's spawn;
And when their armies are withdrawn,
The words you speak will clear the clutter
Of Catholics, Christians, Sunnis, Jews,
The gays and others born to lose;
And when their blood flows in the gutter
No one will care that thousands died
Because it's merely genocide."

( tbc )

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