Thursday, August 2, 2007


Democracy is multiplying
The number of deluded fools
Who think by voting they’re supplying
The politicians with the rules
For speaking publicly with candor;
But make the lying that much grander:
Like Clinton, Bush can “feel your pain”
(With feelings no one can explain);
Or what about good ole boy Carter
Who claimed the Shah would not oppress
His people but brought them progress;
Or JFK, the sainted martyr,
Who lied about the Bay of Pigs
For Cuban bishops and bigwigs;

And then, of course, the grandest liar,
Who earned the title Tricky Dick.
Dick Nixon was the codifier
Of what it means to politic
In this “most democratic” nation.
He demonstrated dedication
To lies that made his colleagues gape
The while recording all on tape!
There’s Reagan’s Iran-Contra scandal-
So caught off guard he japed and lied,
Then went out for a horseback ride.
But none of these can hold a candle
To Bush’s lie when he said “Jeez,
Sadam’s got WMDs.”

The others, of our so-called" leaders,"
Were mired already in their wars;
And weren’t the unctuous special pleaders
Who, out to settle daddy’s scores,
Turned representative democracy
Into a Cheney-led theocracy
That elevated Bush to God
So all He had to do was nod
To rain down fire and desolation
On us, Iraq, our civil rights.
This God of War has appetites
Which fed has eaten up the nation.
He showed He has the right to rule
Because the voters are a Fool.

Make no mistake, responsibility
Rests firmly in the voters’ hands.
Democracy means the ability
For people to rule their own lands.
No matter frightened to submission,
You’ll not escape the inquisition
When others ask us “Can we vote?”
You answer “Yes.” That’s all s/he wrote.
So just because you’re from Jerkwater,
America you can’t gainsay
What happens when comes Judgment Day.
Like cattle, we’ll be led to slaughter
By “foreigners” who understand
We made their world a no man’s land.

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