Thursday, August 9, 2007


The jostling between Obama and Clinton over who would make a more responsible president goes on. In response to a reporter's question last week, Obama hesitated before saying that he would never use a nuclear weapon against terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Clinton pounced on that ... "I don't believe any president should make blanket statements with the regard to use or nonuse" of nukes, she said. (Newsweek August 13,2007)

So Hillary’d at least consider
The use (or not) of nukes in war,
Which makes of her the kind of critter
America is hated for-
A Dr. Strangelove who’s subhuman,
As was her mentor Harry Truman,
Who’d prove that she is supermom
By dropping the atomic bomb
On terrorists who have no nation
(Unless she thinks she’ll strap one on
To fuck the mullahs in Iran)
By bombing them to desolation.
I never used my right to vote
But will before that’s “all she wrote.”

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