Monday, March 24, 2008


I will believe that politicians
Are far more honest than they seem;
That all of them have high ambitions;
That none of them would ever scheme
To help a plague of corporations
Achieve their dreams of dominations
To be the worlds first parasites
That sucked the life from human rights.
That freedom is the harmonizing
Of rights and duties to a brand
However it may rape the land
So long as it serves merchandising.
All this and more I will believe…
Is someone laughing up their sleeve?
As well, I think, pending revision,
That freedom is what presidents
Must claim it is. It’s their decision
Who should be tortured for their bents.
A citizen should be a vassal
To presidents, though s/he’s an asshole,
Until the next election year
When, no doubt, s/he’ll sound the “all clear.”
Unless, of course, the next election
Might challenge what in policy
Is not considered good PC,
And takes it in the wrong direction-
For PC is the right or wrong
Of s/he who is, of all, most strong.
That government is never harmful-
Except perhaps when now and then
A citizen becomes an armful.
But they’re sent to a federal pen
To undergo the revelations
That makes them follow regulations.
Before this if they should trespass,
They’re taught with hard ones up the ass.
If prisoners are harshly treated
And that shows culture too hardnosed,
As Dostoyevsky once supposed,
Then government here should be feted
At least in Texas where a brute
Whom they can’t change, they execute.
We must have faith financial markets
Are saviors for the average man,
If only we would heed and hark its
Advice to save the pension plan
Of CEOs who are clutch hitters,
Although they can be orn’ry critters,
At least you know they’d never cheat
Or how could they survive Wall Street?
That they are free of regulation
Must certainly be de rigueur
Else they will be so insecure
They’ll never risk the litigation
Brought on by some investors’ suits;
Or Spitzer, prior prostitutes.

( to be continued )

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