Tuesday, March 18, 2008


On every Sunday right wing preachers
Will preach that we should overthrow
The government because these screechers
Say god has damned Wade vs. Roe.
Because of this some are rewarded,
For standing up for lives aborted,
By lunching with the President
(And stirring right wing discontent).
And yet when Senator Obama’s
Black preacher says that god should damn
The likes of racist Uncle Sam,
Obama’s smeared with causing traumas
And charged with treason by the Right
As ballyhoo for its white knight.
It’s not that I’d endorse Obama;
But in the interests of fair play
The US suffers racial trauma
(Though right wing talk show hosts say “Nay”)
Completely out of all proportion
To what it suffers from abortion-
Aborted fetuses are dead
While Blacks must live whole lives in dread.
If anything needs more dilation
Than self-identity in race,
And I believe this is the case,
It is the fact of exploitation.
And here Obama surely fails-
Defending it for rich, white males.

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