Wednesday, March 5, 2008


You’ll ask why I'm antagonistic
To privatizing government?
It’s not just that I’m communistic;
But am a diehard malcontent
Who does believe that a democracy
Is better than an aristocracy
Of corporations who’ll pig off
Our taxes like a public trough.
Take Kipp and Green Dot Education-
With monies from both Gates and Broad-
Who argue schooling’s public mode
Is at the end of its duration;
And will be, too, if we give way.
Without a fight,they’re here to stay.
They base their plans on high stakes testing
Which likely’s a norm referenced test;
Which means, in turn, they’ll be investing
Only in children who do best.
And with them, education’s axis-
Which is a portion of all’s taxes-
Is siphoned off from public schools
So that what’s left looks like Kabul’s.
And then these self-fulfilling prophets-
Because norm referencing makes sure
Who does the worst are very poor-
Will gladly show how it pays off. It’s
Certain to give a new gestalt
To poor folks thinking: “It’s our fault.”
No doubt that being poor’s arresting.
But public education is
Supposed to help your kids. Investing
In schools as if they were a biz
By using public funds dismisses
Most poor kids down to such abysses
It’s little wonder that they fight
To get out of the awful fright
That passes for their education.
It’s teachers though should take the lead
In helping them escape the greed
That rapes the coffers of taxation.
But organizing teacherkind
Requires a union of one mind.

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