Monday, September 22, 2008


McCain was in Alaska hunting
(He had a taste for some fresh meat)
When suddenly he stood confronting
A woman with a toilet seat.
“My dear,” he said. “What are you doing?”
She answered, “Hunting. Out pursuing
A candidate who has the brass
To peek inside my looking glass.”
“The toilet seat,” McCain said asking?
“Yes. Stick your head in. Tell me what
You see.” “I’m looking up your butt.”
“Exactly so,” she said. “It’s masking
The issues with my perfect fit
So none will know you’re full of shit.”
And so the two were joined together
And left Alaska far behind;
The toilet seat their binding tether-
But out of sight was out of mind.
Ms. Palin played to much admiring
Stumps of Christians who’d been retiring
From working to elect McCain
Because they couldn’t potty-train
His mind to their god’s way of seeing.
McCain claimed he’d been born again,
A Daniel in the lion’s den.
He all but cut out reparteeing
And stayed on message fighting chance
His dick would slip from out his pants.
But late one night as they were flying
To Arkansas where they’d debate
The Clintons on the use of lying
When you have cuckolded your mate,
McCain asked Palin her ambition
After he won the competition
For president; and Palin said,
“Assuming, John, that you’re not dead,
I would, of course, want your endorsement
For president- a woman who
Can do the job as well as you.”
McCain said she’d need reinforcement-
For presidents to be world class
Must sometimes take it up the ass.
Now Palin was in full agreement
And pulling out a strap on said,
“Bend over, John.” That’s not what he meant,
Was his reply. “Get on the bed,”
Said Palin. And as she was stripping,
McCain could feel his asshole ripping.
“It’s only fair you should go first,”
Said Palin who seemed well rehearsed.
“But isn’t this against your preachings,”
He asked, exposing his crevasse?
“We’re partners, John. I own your ass.”
Outside the cabin his beseechings
Were heard by everybody there
But thought his “goddamns” were a prayer.

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