Thursday, June 4, 2009


The military once concluded
(This happened after Vietnam)
That they were terribly diluted
Without the help of Adam Baum.
He never got enough of killing
Providing only God was willing
And now Dick Cheney needed him
To tear Iraqis limb from limb.
As often happens, limitations
Like leaving anyone alive,
He packed a punch none could survive,
Led Cheney, who loved imitations,
To limit him in what he did
So Adam wouldn’t flip his lid.
When Cheney called him with instructions,
He told him that Saddam was mad
And asked him if he’d wreak destruction’s
Death and massacre in Baghdad;
But that he shouldn’t raise the devil
But, short of that, twas free to revel;
Then Cheney sent him off to play
But Adam turned up DOA.
Now Cheney in sackcloth and ashes
Despaired as Job’s friends did of Job
Until an interstellar probe
Descended giving him hot flashes
Provided by a cattle prod
And warned him not to play at god.

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