Monday, June 8, 2009


“I’m worried that our Constitution
Does not contain a clause that says
That justices can’t be Confucian
Or else descendants of Cortez.
And that it seems to be conducive
Of everything that is delusive.
Take, for example, civil rights
For blacks and gays but not white knights;
That courts can rule Creation Science
Cannot be taught in public schools.
These justices are all damn fools.
So I propose a new alliance
Of all who think “In God We Trust”
Be raised the standard for the just.”

1 comment:

irisclara said...

Sorry to have to do this, but I came here from Huffington Post and I have to say that your poem is confusing and if I'm understanding it correctly (not sure) is offensive in implication. After reading other poems on your site I believe that you sound like an unhappy evangelical who can't dictate policy anymore. Perhaps a Ron Paul supporter. You should not link your sad little poems on Huffington Post anymore. Just go to your Tea Parties and leave the rest of us alone.
I'm only leaving this comment so your sitecounter won't lead you to think I tacitly support your views.