Monday, September 12, 2011


The moneyed men met in committee
There to decide the candidate
They should support: who had no pity,
When s/he became their chief of state:
To help undo social security
And send it plunging to obscurity,
Thus helping send the public trust
Into a slough of deep disgust.
When, after Bush, they tried Obama,
They quickly moved in to attack
His policy of being black;
And stirred it to a national trauma.
Republicans were their last chance
To help the world of high finance.
But who to choose would do them credit:
Ms. Bachmann, Perry, Romney, Newt?
They didn’t like their choices.  “Let it,”
They said, “be one who’d be a brute;
Who, when he comes down heavy-handed,
Can plead he’s done as God commanded;
And who can merge the church and state;
Decry our foes as apostate;
Who’ll take away the public pensions
So we may gather their largess
And have the country say, ‘God bless.’”
But who would make these interventions?
And so they’d let Obama win;
Then, like a snake, they’d shed their skin.

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