Monday, December 19, 2011


One day a dauntless cyber warrior
Sat down at his computer screen
To seize and hold Helen of Troy. Her,
Whose likes the world had never seen.
When suddenly from his reality
A cyber door, to her locality,
Was opened and it sucked him in
Her captive now, to his chagrin.
“Who are you fools who keep intruding
To fight the wars fought long ago?
You haven’t had enough gung ho?”
He whimpered, crying “My transmuting
Was not my doing. That I swear.”
But, turning, saw his empty chair.
And as he looked the door was closing
But not before he saw his wife
As she walked in, saw him transposing.
She shouted, “Fool, not on your life.
You can’t escape from me that easy.
You never even tried to please me.
Who is that bitch that’s sitting there?”
The queen slid from her royal chair
And standing said, “Oh stop your bitching!
How is it that he doesn’t please?”
“His dick is to the nth degrees.
Go look and see. It’s so bewitching.”
So Helen looked, saw his big ten
And welcomed it inside her den.
A cyber door from this reality
Was opened up to get him back
From out the Trojan principality
But failed. The aphrodisiac
Of love slave to the gorgeous Helen
(Though held in chains as if a felon)
Was too much for him to resist.
“Who’d think of giving up a tryst,”
He thought, “With one who’s so adorable . . .”
When suddenly he heard a snore
That sounded like a dragon’s roar;
And thinking that this was deplorable
Sat bolt upright but gave a scream
When he discerned he’d had a dream.

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