Tuesday, December 6, 2011


A hacker, knowing his computers,
Was so absorbed downloading porn,
Especially those with girls whose hooters
Were double Ds and native born,
He didn’t notice when these sirens
Invaded his mind/brain’s environs
Until he felt a silky mouth
Begin to suck him off down south!
He knew that this must be a virus;      
But where the devil was it from
He asked himself in clouds of cum?
The sirens said, “You may acquire us
And live with us in paradise
By joining us in this device.”
He knew somehow (by intuition?)
That what the women said was true:
The virus granted him admission
Into a world he’d not eschew. 
Gone would be days when all his wanking
Would be performed by his hand-cranking
His penis. And the very best
Would be to feel each lovely breast.
But knowing virtual reality         
Was like an image in a mirror:     
You moved away, you’d disappear;  
And so his individuality                    
Would live somewhere in cyberspace.
But who could fight a porn star’s grace?
But still the hacker hesitated,
Afraid forever he’d be lost;
Though he’d escape what he most hated:
A world where everyone was bossed.
It so offended his mentality,
That bossing helped define reality,
He stopped and thought what he might do
To reconstruct the world anew.
Not giving up for lack of trying,   
He thought the world could go to hell.
(It was a place it would know well.)
And so he joined them, occupying
A special site in cyberspace
Was free for work he could embrace.

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